Successful Cases & Testimonials

The fact that they met was not purely through our arrangement, nor simply a matter of fate. Two people with different ways of thinking and different backgrounds have to give to one another, and adjust to each other. Only then can they stay together and compose a love song.

In this section, we share some stories of success, which may inspire you with new thinking. In order to protect the privacy of our clients, the names, identities and backgrounds of the people in these stories have been altered; and the photos are not those of people actually involved.

- Cathy's Story William - Gentleman (40) : Banking Manager | Cathy - Kindergarten Teacher, divorced.

Cathy's previous marriage was a disaster. Signing the marriage certificate was only for applying the government housing. Without any formalities or banquet even lived together for a day the marriage was ended with his affairs.

William spends most his time working on his cross-border career and took rest during days off. Not mentioning about gathering with friends and dating. He had no concern about Cathy's previous marriage, but only wanted her understanding on his frequent travelling schedule.

Eventually, they married and now have a sweet baby boy.

- Gain Trust with Actions Michael - Gentleman (44) : Procurement Manager, divorced. | Carol - Lady (30) : Teacher

Since divorced some years ago, Michael focused only in his career. Until one day he noticed that all his close friends had married and given babies, which led him to reconsider planning for a family, hence he approached Connie for advice and help.

Carol is an introvert and unsociable person, with limited romance experience. At first, she was doubtful and hesitated for relation with a divorced man. Although Michael was very kind, gentle and willing to share, Carol was not feeling good and comfortable on his past history. She tried to seek advice from both Connie, and her mother. They both gave her a very positive answer-- “if he loves you, why not?". Connie also told Michael about Carol's worries. In order to release Carol's concerns, Michael decided to action. In the following months, despite how busy he was, every evening he went to her place, accompanied her with a breezy walk and chatted with her. After few months, they agreed to hold hand-in-hand down the road. As Michael said, "It Is not just talking, I acted to build her confidence on me. I let her knew what I did every day, my life and my thoughts."

- The Worst First Date Morris - Gentleman (34) : Retail Supervisor | Jane - Lady (31) : Primary School Teacher

Their first date was really a mess. Jane felt sick during the dinner. She was sent to the hospital accompanied by a gentleman just met for 30 minutes--Morris.

It was almost mid-night when Jane left the hospital and back to home shepherded by Morris.

A week later, Jane recovered and felt guilty on disappointing Morris in the first date. After talking with Connie, she decided to call Morris and thanks for his caring for that night. Since then, they started the new chapter of their lovers' story and married one year later.

- Love Story of a Rag-and-Bone-Man Terrence - Gentleman(35) : Professional "Rag-and-Bone-Man" | Betty - Lady(30) : Lawyer

The first time Connie met Terrence was on counseling service "Love Coaching" instead. After listening to Terrence's stories Connie started discussing and reviewing with him, what were the key priorities and needs to be his life-long partner.

Short after that, Terrence revitalized himself. He met Betty, a lawyer, who is cheerful, enthusiastic, caring in character. They both were very conscious and considered important about the personality, mindset and way of communication of their counterpart. Their romance commenced quickly and smoothly since their first encounter. Now they are married and expecting their first baby soon.

- 9th Month Anniversary John - Gentleman(39) : Accountant | Cora - Lady(30) : Nurse

John and Cora became boyfriend and girlfriend weeks after their first date.

However, their romance didn't go well. They both expect the other be the one to accommodate, therefore never compromised. They always quarried on small issues. Some weeks later, John and Cora visited me separately, trying to see if there were other good matching. However, none of them was interested in any potential profile. I told them that if they were still occupied by someone in heart, nothing could be done. Some months later, they started their relationship again. This time, they tried to understand each other's need and accommodated proactively. Finally, on the day 9-month after the first date, they decided to marry.

- A Shirt David - Gentleman (46) : Technician in Environmental Industry | Maggie - Lady (36) : Nurse

David is humble, polite, always smiling but a bit shy. Due to his introvert personality, so far he cannot identify his Right.

As suggested by Connie, his top priority was to groom himself with a new trendy and fit shirt. This would help to project a better impression to others. David looks smart with his new shirt in the first date. He arrived at the restaurant with our consultant Jimmy half an hour earlier. Jimmy briefed to him the dos and donts, and also rehearsed some interesting topics that maybe useful for the date. Maggie arrived and they went well with the dinner and talked on a lot of different topics. Soon after a few months they become lovers.

- The Jeff's Criteria Jeff - Gentleman (37) : Business Development Manager Anita - Lady (28) : Fashion and Clothing Merchandiser

Jeff was smart, dominant with strong leadership and character. He separated with his previous girlfriend as she was not willing to attend the Sunday Mass with him. When he came to Connie, he emphasized that his partner should have the same religion and similar personality.

Anita is a lady of mild character; who was supposed a perfect match for Jeff. However, Jeff doubted about their difference in religion. Connie said to Jeff that if they were in common in their character, the rest should be easy to overcome. Their first date was perfect. Anita became his girlfriend and joined with him to the Church every Sunday. Few months later they announced their marriage.

- Pansy Dated Seriously Patrick - Gentleman (36) : Financial Controller | Pansy - Lady (32) : Social Worker

As a social worker, Pansy faced a lot of people who struggling between live and death, ups and downs. Therefore, she was very rational and mature when looking for a life-long partner. She expressed to Connie that she needed a sincere man who has common values with her.

He met Patrick, who is candid, and open, they shared the common life goals in future. To highlight, Pansy was very serious on every appointment made, she went home after office to get changed, followed by a professional grooming. She prepared herself in the best condition before meeting the gentleman.

- Prepared for a New Relationship Raymond - Gentleman (39) : Translator in Government Kiu - Lady (31) : Vise Editor in a Chinese Publication

Kiu came to seek the help from Connie. She knew herself not the type of sociable person, hence after meeting with several gentlemen, she learned more about herself and knew what she wanted.

She found Raymond had a lot of areas that were in common with her…. similar working background, non-commercial working areas. After few months, they started their relationship.

Hi Connie & Jimmy, It was a lovely evening! thank you and the lady is delightful!

Thank you for the introduction and all your advice and efforts, I am very impressed with how you handled everything, your professionalism is high quality.

Dear Connie, I just want to tell you a good news that we will get married in December this year! Thank you so much for your pairing up! Bless more single guys and girls can be paired up through your help!

Dear Connie & Jimmy,

We are happy to tell you that we are going to get married! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and D&M for your professional service and effort to let us know the most important person in our lives. We wish you every sucess in your matching and assist more people to successfully find their Mr. & Mrs Right. Thank you!

Many thanks for introducing him to me. He truly is a good man who responsible, committed, mature and lovable. What's a surprise! We have already got married at the Restaurant where had our first date. This restaurant may not be a good restaurant for wedding, however, we found it very very meaningful.

Things happened so quick and fast. I didn't expect that. When I met him, I didn't expect he was the one at the early beginning. However, we often talked on the phone, and openly share our thought, experience, past stories and expectations. All these deep conversations speed up our relationship. We got much closer. We both committed to have
happy relationship and family together. Now I got pregnant. Our baby boy will be born soon!  It's that unbelievable? :-) We are so excited and happy! My life has been totally changed beautifully and happily since I met him. I sincerely want to say 'Thank you' to you!

Connie, I feel so grateful to you. In the future, if you think of anything that I can help, you can email me/ call me anytime.

“Connie, I am very happy to tell you that I am now engaged to the gentleman you recommended to me! … … But without your help, we could still be strangers to one another. Connie, we both thank you wholeheartedly for introducing the most important person into our lives.”

"Joanna, thanks so much for your time today. Just want to compliment you that your professional way of handling the "get to know each other"  has provided me the confidence to sign up with your organization. Not everyone out there is like your team!"

"Hi, appreciate your effort for such wonderful arrangement to allow us met each other. As I spoke with you, we have decided to share our future together. And again many thanks for your effort again."